Repairing or replacing damaged roof shingles

A solid roof is important for the safety of your family and property. It protects your family from the elements by keeping the house dry and warm. However, the roof is prone to damages and wearing out with time. The roof must be inspected regularly to identify any minor cracks or major repair problems that must be handled immediately before they get worse and require costly roof replacement.

Any roof older than twenty years will have widespread shingle damage and would require a complete replacement. However, if your roof is still in good shape replacing worn out shingles should be a DIY project that you can handle. The shingle could be cracked or terribly curled, it is best to repair shingle when the weather is dry and warm. Do not attempt to carry out any roof repairs during winter when the roof is icy and wet.


Replacing a damaged shingle is a simple process that requires a pry bar, hammer, and some roofing nails. Identify the worn out shingle and slip and pry bar under it and pry it up to pop up the nail holding it down. Take out the pry bar and pull out the nail while pressing down the shingle. Repeat the same process until the pull out the remaining row of nails above the damaged shingle.

You risk cracking the shingles if they have become brittle. Prying them out may not be the best solution in that case. You will simply tear out the damaged shingle and slide a new shingle into place after cutting a few notches to fit the nails.

As the shingles age, they may start to curl either upwards r downwards around the edges. First, identify the curling segment and glue it down to prevent further curling. Apply some roofing sealant beneath edges of the shingle using a caulking gun and press the shingle down using a brick for at least a day to allow the caulk to dry.

For torn or cracked shingles there is no need for replacement a repair will do. Seal the crack by caulking with some thick drop of sealant below the crack. Do the same above the crack while pressing the shingle down. Grab a putty knife and spread out the sealant, check for wash downed granules on the gutter and use them to conceal the repair by splashing them over the sealant.

There comes a time when your roof will need replacement. When the shingles start to crack and curl it signals that your roof is aging. An expert can inspect your roof and recommend the best solution and whether it needs replacement. As the roof ages, you will notice granules in your gutter and your shingles will be losing color. According to Long Island tree removals you need to clear any dangerously hanging tree branches that pose a danger to your roof.

Replacing your roof is costly but unavoidable when the time comes. Ensure you for the highest quality roofing material and hire a professional roofing contractor to ensure your roof lasts another lifetime.