Getting your bathroom ready after renovations

Any sort of renovations can be daunting. A bathroom renovation is one of the most challenging since it cannot be used during construction work and eventually a lot of mess and dust is generated. After renovations are complete there is usually a lot of stuff that needs clearing.

A bathroom renovation has several variations, it could be an installation of a completely new bathroom or tile replacement. The following tips will help you clean up and get your bathroom ready for use.

  • Cleaning Tiles

After the installation of new tiles you need to ensure that the dust from grouting has been eliminated. The grouting slurry sometimes remains on the surface as the tillers get rid of the dust. This stuff is not easy to remove. First create a lather all over the tiles using some detergent and bleach by rubbing all across the tiles. Once the grouting slurry gets slimy then you can wipe it out using a soft piece of cleaning cloth such as a wonder cloth. To avoid smears use several wonder cloths without reusing or rinsing. Once you complete the tiles will be clean and sparkling. If there is only some minor dust covering the surface, then simply scrub using a glass surface cleaner and cloth.Bathroom-cleaning

  • Removing Concrete lumps

More often than not you will find some concrete lumps left all over the base after the installation of a new toilet. Use the back of a knife to remove the lumps of concrete from the tiles on the floor. To successfully remove concrete wait until it dries. Then slacken the concrete film using a dry scrubbing brush and sweep it off using a brush together with a dustpan.

  • Wipe off the Dust

To eliminate the dust that has penetrated into the drawers and cupboards of the vanity units grab a microfiber cloth and some glass surface cleanser and wipe off the dust from shelves and drawers.

  • Cleaning the Silicon Smudges

Remove silicon smudges from the taps and mirrors using some eucalyptus oils placed on cotton balls. Since the oil leaves some smear on the surface clean the taps and mirrors using a glass surface cleanser and some micro-fiber cloth.


Immediately after the construction workers have put down their tools the cleaning up process can begin. According to this Maid service in Charlotte getting the bathroom ready for use after renovations is a tedious task however the outcome is well worth the effort. Consider hiring cleaning experts to get your bathroom ready for use.